Knitted Table Placemats

These gorgeous hand knit cloths are perfect for so many occasions. They can easily be used to wash dishes, or as mats. They are lovely and soft and so can also be used as part of your beauty regime. They would make a lovely gift for someone moving into their first home, to take on holiday/vacation, or to use at the dinner table as a napkin or place mat.

Perfect decoration for your lunch/dinner dating. Stylish design make you feel comfort when you eating. Washable, Non-fading, Non-stain, No mildew, Non-slip, Heat-resistance (Please tear off the protective film before you use the table mats)

I hand knit them using 100% cotton yarn in pastel shades in all the colours of the rainbow. At each of the four corners there is a wee tassel. At each of the four corners there is a wee tassel. They are available in a couple of sizes. The measurements given are for the length and width. Be sure to pick which size you need when ordering.

Date: 02:25 AM - 22. studenoga 2018.

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Project Overview

You don’t need expensive ornaments to make your house look more fashionable.

Back in 1989, the first time I got on the Internet, at that time I was still pretty young. I didn’t go to college so I had to find a stable job for myself. I never found what I was into and what I could do well for a living. I tried and got rejected so many times.

Google and Facebook weren’t even around as well at that time. One day in 1999, I suddenly had this idea of creating a website that introduce my handmade projects, providing not only handcraft lessons but also selling stuff to earn some money for myself.

Then I got to learn about how to start a website on my own. I created a website called I spent years developing it, teaching HTML to myself, networking with in-field professionals, and growing it into a profitable business.

Throughout the years, I cooperated with plenty of craft companies to grow my website. I had worked as the craft expert for Miimo Studio (, and created fun crafts for kids from 2009-2016. Also, I have self-published many online magazines, including, &